Being a supporter and promoter of local culture since 2012, we thought that it was about time to bring that advocacy in a more tangible setting. After careful conceptualization, we decided that a lifestyle fair would be something we could do – bringing together brands, people, and communities we admire and respect in one space. It was not an easy task however, simply because we didn’t want it to be just another fair or bazaar. So we focused on our main priority – great local brands, which is based off of our belief: “Thoughful brands breed a thoughtful community.” Due to this, contrary to common bazaar atmosphere, what we really aimed for was an intimate and low-key vibe that gives more space for commerce, conversation, and community. There were no programs or hosts to keep it free flowing, with just background local music to keep the space lively. Additionally we were fortunate that the space of Warehouse Eight was just right for an intimate setting, it played a big role in what we were going for.

With those things in mind we hosted the first Pursuit Fair on December 10, 2016. It is an assembly of thoughtful local brands and businesses, which strives to develop the perception of Filipinos towards local, while also maintaining a thriving community of Filipino brand owners, entrepreneurs, creators, and more. The fair featured 20 local brands that offered clothes, food, homeware, silkscreen printing, grooming, drinks, and more. The background music was provided by Buwan Buwan Collective, which contributed to an inspiring mood all day. The performances from the artists of Logiclub was scheduled in the closing hours of the event to put emphasis on the real essence of the event – commerce, conversations, and community. In addition, PURVEYR also partnered with Pilipinas Street Plan to host a “Sketchbook” Exhibit featuring various local artists at Pursuit Fair. View the photos below or the video recap above to get a glimpse of what happened at Pursuit Fair 2016.

Participating Brands: 

Anika / Tenement / Pundesal / Don’t Blame the Kids Apparel Co. / The Starving Artist / Girl In Transit / Euniform / Basic Commodity / MAFK / Sunday Paper / Undo / The Ilustrados / 23060 / Randolf / Proudrace / Salad Day / Sushi Nori / TUSK Social / Stanford Shaw / Noble Barbers & Reserve


Warehouse Eight / Sunday Elephant Creatives / Logiclub / When In Manila / Discover MNL / Clavel Magazine / BuwanBuwan Collective / Pilipinas Street Plan / KLTRD

Photos by Earl Roxas with Edit by Marvin Conanan
Video by Kim Jerique Ravanes and Denise Cruz of Double the Fun Productions