For this PURVEYR Producer Project titled, “eat the sun”, Similarobjects describes his inspiration below.

“The secret of how the sun is able to influence life is that sunlight carries not only energy, but also intelligence—the sun broadcasts a message to all life in our solar system to direct the evolution of every living thing.” So here’s a summer mix inspired by the primary source of life and energy: the sun.

Similarobjects successfully paints a picture of a retro-inspired resort a few minutes before the sun sets. Imagine summer-funk infused with the energy of soul and house. A great playlist to lounge to, with your favorite bottle of beer (or cocktail) on hand.

Jorge Juan B. Wieneke V also known as Similarobjects is an experimental and electronic artist who made a name for himself as a producer who keeps on pushing the limits of sound. And to add to that, he’s also the founder of progressive music collective, Buwanbuwan Collective and the first of its kind locally, Cosmic Sonic Arts Music School. On top of his successes locally, Similarobjects is also signed with Darker Than Wax a Singapore-based electronic music label, plus several musical triumphs internationally.

To know more about Similarobjects, we talked with him a year ago about his musical influences, and his journey as an electronic artist and producer, which you can read here.


1. Final Fantasy VII (Nobuo Uematsu) – Costa Del Sol2. Miles Davis, Robert Glasper – Maiysha (So Long) ft. Erykah Badu

3. Kendrick Lamar – PRIDE.

4. Bobby Lyle – the Genie

5. Joshua Abrams – the BA

6. DEHEB – Yoke upon you

7. NOO & 10.4 ROG – Purple

8. George Duke – ‘Scuse Me Miss (Aroop Roy edit)

9. Star Slinger – IV – 04 IV-IV

10. Vanilla – Suede

11. Sun Ra – Daddy’s Gonna Tell You No Lie

12. Bitty Mclean – The Real Thin

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