For the second episode of On This Island, our host, Christopher Catral (MNL$) met up with Mito Fabie aka Curtismith to know more about his story and his pursuit of music. Along the way, they visited KAPWA Studio, Bucky’s, and Music Platinum KTV in Poblacion, Makati City


Get a glimpse of where Curtismith stands as a musician, how he got started, how he handles hate and appreciation towards his craft, and more about his journey in this episode. Watch him open up about his background and show a more candid side of himself.


The night started at Kapwa Studio – a creative hub and grooming studio – where they warmed up for an insightful conversation all throughout the night. After Curtismith opens up about his life background and shared a few stories about beginning his music journey, they leave Kapwa to walk around Poblacion, Makati to grab something to eat. They eventually end up in Bucky’s where Chris starts the conversation about Curtismith’s success and everything that comes with it, including various criticisms that he get. And to end the night on a high note, they visit Music Platinum KTV and closes the episode with Don’t Stop Believin’.





Host: Christopher Catral (MNL$)
Editor: Alex Cruz
Cameras: Anton Angeles, EJ Angeles & Alex Cruz
Production Manager: Mark Concepcion
Producers: EJ Angeles, Christopher Catral, Marvin Conanan & Sara Martinez
Production Partner: Playhouse Studio