After the short run of PurveyrTV back in 2013, we never had the chance to do another video show. Although it was always something we really wanted to do, there was no opportunity to produce one again. But after four years, and in PURVEYR’s 5th year, we now find ourselves putting out our second official video show. While this is something completely different from the past talk show, it still carries the same objective as before – to shine light on the Philippine creative culture.


This time around we do it outside – meeting people, visiting places, and exploring ideas. The new show captures the essence of PURVEYR. It will feature individuals, brands, spaces, concepts, and more. All those that we admire and believe in, On This Island. The show is designed to be an entertaining and sincere way of presenting the local creative culture and community. Let our host, Christopher Catral’s (MNL$) curiosity and energy inspire you to look at “local” in a different perspective.


For the first episode of On This Island, Chris took a trip to Quezon City to visit the renowned creative spot, Cubao Expo. Known as the “Marikina Shoe Expo” in its earlier days, Cubao Expo evolved to become a space for independent businesses and concepts, which established its creative appeal. From art galleries to lifestyle stores, antique shops to unique restaurants, the mix of retail concepts is interestingly very diverse. One sunny afternoon, we met with a few of the shop owners to get a glimpse of the inspiring energy that Cubao Expo brings about. We visited Kendo Creative – a coffee shop mixed with design retail by Kayo Cosio, Gold Digger – a shop by Angelo Mendez selling vinyl records, local clothing, secondhand footwear, and more, Post Gallery – a progressive art gallery that provides a platform for new local artists, and Medisina – a clothing store by the members of the band, Greyhoundz. Chris talked to them to know more about their shops, and to understand Cubao Expo through the point of view of its tenants.

Special thanks to Playhouse Studio, Bawal ClanSimilarobjects and Buwanbuwan Collective