Starting his music journey as early as high school, Asch found himself constantly being surrounded by people who also have passion for music. This luck had pushed him to pursue a career in music, particularly, in producing them. Being heavily influenced various genres like hip hop, blues, jazz, future and electronic music, a diverse sense of taste came about, and birthed who we know now as Asch.

Other than producing his own music, the 19-year-old producer is also teaching at the first ever electronic music school in the country, Cosmic Sonic Arts. We stumbled upon Asch’s music through his collaboration track with renowned indie artist, Clara Benin. And ever since we have been seeing him more, in particular, in a video shared by his friend Similarobjects where he performs in Saguijo.

So it’s just fitting to have him for the next Purveyr Producer Project, an exciting up-and-coming producer. The mixtape he made for us is a representation of the music he is currently into. A combination of modern tracks that fall under RnB, hip hop, electronic and more. Jive to the 30-minute mixtape below.


1. Finally by Asch

2. Blue Window by Duñe x Crayon

3. Moving On (Asch Remix) by Other Earth

4. For You by Tennyson

5. On Hiatus by Similarobjects, Nagwa Mahiaddin & Shelhiel

6. Red Bull Chick (feat. Montell2099) by Swindail

7. This Is Us by Asch

8. Motion by Medasin

9. Soda Ritual by Refraq

You can see and hear more from Asch here:
And to download this mixtape, please visit our Mixcrate account.

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