Far away from pop charts, or even the so-called “underground” most people know, our next featured producer goes deep into the experimental, dance/club & avant-garde realm. “Lately I’ve been more into (and influenced by) very aggressive, non-4×4 club tracks, which makes up the first half of the mix. The second half goes deeper into a more avant-garde/experimental territory—you know, also my favorite. I guess this is where I am at now influence-wise, which is very exciting!” as John Pope explains the background for this mixtape. It’s no surprise though, as the first Filipino producer who was invited to be part of Red Bull Music Academy in Paris in 2015, we expect immense diversity with the music he likes. He previously described his music, “electronic textural maximalism” and it seems like it will just get even more complex from there. No complains here however, we are enjoying the ride, and as far as we’re concerned, we admire and are very interested with distinct influences, tastes and preferences.


1. Guantanamo by Jlin

2. Goblin by LPLX

3. Hall of Mirrors by Logos & Mumdance

4. Let Me Thru by Toxe

5. Splxcity by Kamixlo

6. Kin to Coal by Vessel

7. Cavitation by Auspicious Family

8. Techniques du lego by Dorine_Muraille

9. Mutant by Arca

You can see and hear more from John Pope here:

http://soundcloud.com/johnpxpe & http://facebook.com/johnpxpe

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