This PURVEYR Producer Project is titled, “4AM Musings”, where Ize let’s out his interpretation of a vulnerable state of humans. Completely different from his usual sets, this is a mellow yet a moving mixtape that could bring you to various thoughts and feelings. He puts in hip hop for energy, but pulls out ambient to bring you back to a state of calmness, which kind of mimics the feeling of being awake and asleep at the same time during dawn.Ize, pronounced as “ayz”, is a producer and DJ that’s part of the Buwan Buwan Collective. He has been producing music since 2012. His preferences for music are quite vast, which is also why he never classifies the music that he produces into one genre. “I believe that there’s more fun that comes with being fluid and free.” Ize shares.


1. Bowtye – I know

2. srno – try

3. Atu – ‘promise ya’

4. Fwdslxsh – High Tide

5. Whoarei – Jeep

6. DIVERSA – I Love You For Existing

7. The Balladeer – Baby You’re All That I Want

8. kuma – sumimasen

9. Erdbeerschinitzel – Yet Unfulfilled

10. toe – Goodbye ft. Toki Asako (starRo remix)

11. Christian Scott – The Eraser

12. Phay – Lawd Please

13. Jaubi – Make Them Proud

14. Hezekiah – Looking Up ft. Bilal

15. Distant Memories – Alexander Lewis x Brasstracks

16. LASERS – Seed

17. Flica – Say

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