The Rest Is Noise 23 – the first of this year and also the platform to launch The Rest Is Noise’s newest initiative, a podcast series. It will happen this coming Friday, 09 February, at Route 196. The show itself will feature four of the artists included in the first episode: BP Valenzuela, She’s Only Sixteen, and The Rest Is Noise (TRIN) debut performers folk act Cowboy Country Club and hip-hop collective Bawal Clan, which will have a special set from six of their members: Ankhten Brown, Alex Omiunu, Chef Eazy, MNL$, Nuevo, and Mic Rahman.

The general goal with this podcast is to introduce new songs and deep cuts from both up-and-coming artists and established acts not just from Metro Manila, but across the country. Instead of releasing it as just a mix, we want to throw in some details about the songs or the artists themselves, but just enough to ensure the spotlight remains on the songs themselves.

They’re dedicated on this theme of “less talk, more jams” which encapsulates pretty much what TRIN aims for when curating any music-related event or project: let the music speak for itself, as you know, the rest is noise.

For more details, visit the event page here.