Since ancient times, art and woman empowerment has been an inevitable pairing that would go hand in hand. The world’s most famous paintings and sculptures would be filled with these themes in the times of old. But these days, art forms have extended to retail by way of living, moving, breathing pieces of fabric through personal mantras, philosophies, and expressions.

Such is the case with Davao-based independent clothing brand, Revere, and erotica artist, Kay Aranzanso’s recent collaboration. And for these pieces in particular, it’s all about woman empowerment. More widely known via her alias, Darlingkink, she fearlessly crafts a logo tee that expresses her love and appreciation for the female form. “I wanted something impactful and commanding—something that can both exude the beauty of a woman and the power that she has,” Darlingkink shares of her apt Valentine’s Day creation.

The logo tee, featured in two colorways, emphasizes the phrase “Worthy of Your Worship” – a true blue battlecry that provides one voice for women everywhere to embrace their sexuality, especially in a nation as conservative as ours. For this illustration, she focuses on combining her knack for typography and detail to stellarly cheeky and poignant results.

The collaboration comes as a departure from Revere’s established roster of male artists—a timely shift to the female gaze this Valentine’s Day. Darlingkink x Revere will be launched at Suazo Bar, Davao City tonight, February 14, 2018. Visit the event page here to know more.