A multi-dimensional brand that fosters creativity and diversity through the Philippines.

PURVEYR is a brand designed to deliver a unique perspective of life through the Philippines, which involves a focus on culture, work and lifestyle. We put high regard to passion, purpose, creativity and craft – the things we are mainly curious about, and look for in stories we share and news we feature.

PURVEYR progressed into becoming an all-encompassing brand that is divided into various facets that all coincide with its philosophy; digital, print, events and retail.

Creative & Curious

Our content is guided by the belief that there are stories in the Philippines that could give different yet meaningful perspectives of life. These outlooks on work, lifestyle, and culture are valuable for self-growth and the development of the creative community and industry as a whole.

The objective is to share the stories, philosophies, and point of views that coincide with PURVEYR’s values in an engaging and insightful manner. Our content strives to influence our audience to lead a more thoughtful approach of living.

PURVEYR communicates its message and stories through a multi-platform method – digital, print, events, and retail.

These departments are pursued to engage PURVEYR’s audience and community in every aspect of their lives – may it be online, through objects, experiences, or spaces – a comprehensive approach.


With the importance of digital today, and as the starting point for PURVEYR, this part of the brand is at the core of what we do. We publish inspiring stories, thoughtful features, relevant news, creative editorial pursuits, and well-made videos primarily about the Philippine Creative Culture.


The first issue of PURVEYR Magazine was launched in 2016. The biannual magazine offers in-depth understanding of concepts and values of the Philippine Creative Culture, in the hopes of uncovering insightful stories that will inspire and enlighten its readers, and as well as convey our brand message.


Through various event concepts, we aspire to fulfill the brand’s purpose and as well as gather our community and audience to personally engage with the brand and with each other. We host several events every year like Pursuit Fair, Spill the Beans, Pursuit Workshops, Magazine Launches, and more.


A standing physical representation of the brand and its purpose. It is also designed and established to be an avenue to strengthen and cultivate local brands and products. It houses select Philippine brands that we believe in. A tangible dimension to experience PURVEYR entirely.