Urban photography is a style that was made famous by Instagram and its users. According to Urban Photo Fest, “Urban photography is an interdisciplinary field of visual practice concerned with the evocation and representation of urban spaces and the lives of those living, working and moving through such spaces.” The essence of the style perfectly connects with the concept of the NMD being built for the urban landscape and living, which is why expressing it visually through urban photography seems very fitting.

So on a gloomy Sunday afternoon, we met up with some of the most talented emerging urban photographers in Manila. Known for their crisp images of Manila streets, buildings, bridges, and more. In partnership with adidas Originals, we invited @alleyttle, @rylejustinuy, @pxnch, @jilson.tiu, @rgvizuals, and @wahico_ to join us for a photowalk. Assigned with an adidas Originals NMD pair each, they went around the Magallanes Interchange Park to create photographs that evoke their aesthetic and as well as the NMD ideals.

Alyssa Mananquil is a 19-year-old student who blends her interest in street and urban photography with fashion photography. This led her to win an international photography contest hosted by renowned streetwear brand, The Hundreds, and paved the way for more projects and features. She brought around the adidas Originals NMD City Sock 2.

Ryle Justin Uy is an industrial designer and freelance photographer. He is known for his streetwear-inspired style, which he mixes well with his interest with architecture and perspective. He took photos of the adidas Originals NMD R2.

Franco Borromeo also known as Pxnch is a freelance photographer and videographer who has worked with various international brands. He is renowned through his skill in producing well-received street and urban photographs. He was given the adidas Originals NMD R2 – Primeknit.

Jilson Tiu is a freelance photographer and currently a photo correspondent for the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Most of his work revolves around environmental and social issues. He took around the adidas Originals NMD R2.

RGVizuals or Rainier Gonzales is an up-and-coming urban photographer and graphic designer. His shots of cityscapes and city lights are exceptional. RG took photographs of the adidas Originals NMD R2.

Wahico de Leon is an interior design student pursuing his passion for urban photography through constantly exploring the city to capture it in different perspectives. He continues to hunt for various angles of cityscapes and streets to represent Manila through his lenses. He shot the adidas Originals NMD R2.

The latest adidas Originals NMD collection is set to release on July 13, 2017 in select adidas retailers and stores. The collection includes two colorways each for the three silhouettes – the NMD R2 with circular knit uppers, NMD R2 – Primeknit, and the City Sock 2 (CS2). You can visit adidas.com.ph/NMD for more details about the releases.